Rainbow Flower Necklace


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Beautiful necklace made with “Chaquira” (small colored beads). Through decorative forms and symbols characteristic of the Huichol culture, religious and spiritual messages that each craftsman expresses in his figures.

By purchasing this article we guarantee that you get an authentic indigenous craftsmanship obtained under fair trade rules and a percentage of its sale will be destined to associations for the support of Mexican indigenous groups.


Ancestral ritual art.

Huichol art has provided an important and sustainable source of income for the Huichol. Despite the fact that new materials are being used, traditional symbols are being preserved and transmitted to the younger generations. It is a laborious job; It is made on pieces of wood carved by hand, covered with beeswax (as a glue) where they are placing one by one the mini beads called “Chaquira”.

Remember that each piece is unique and unrepeatable created by its respective craftsman with whom we have contact from Mexico and import their pieces to Europe.

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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 9.5 cm


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